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About Us

Concentration, Innovation, Progression
Who We Are

Fujian Gui Comm-Tech stocks a wide range of fiber-related and other high technology items.

Like many companies that thrive over a number of years, we have carved out several areas of specialization and expertise for which we are known as the industry leader.

Many catalog items can be purchased from other suppliers, but a number of important factors make us the preferred choice for many of the world’s fiber professionals.  

These include, but are not limited to:

Industry-leading customer service aimed at making the business part of high tech as friendly and painless as possible in part by stocking all the items you need.

Not only do we partner with our customers, we partner with our suppliers.Doing business with us should never cost you more.  In purchasing through GUI you pay less, but gain invaluable on-site and remote technical and customer support.  You gain another partner.
Our tenacious emphasis of offering only the highest quality products that have superior value, as opposed to selling lesser quality, cheaper alternatives and knock-offs, which, more likely than not, result in a greater need for reworks, missed delivery schedules, repair/upkeep costs, etc.

Emphasis on specialty applications, such as medical, spectroscopy, laser delivery, industrial, sensing, oil and gas, broadcasting, military and research, as well as telecom, Datacom, CATV, FTTA and FTTH.